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XTX winner of 2020 Pittman Innovation Award

4 Feb 2020

Drawing on experience in mechanical and textile product design, the new XTX Softgrip Clutch uses new technology and refines its application to offer mid load rope holding in a lightweight, compact device. Using an innovative new braided ‘SoftGrip’ technology to engage and hold a loaded rope, the XTX benefits from being ‘kind’ to the rope cover with a gentle and controlled release by an integrated retractable toggle, with innovative push-button activation ensuring fingertip on/off control.

"A number of years ago, France’s Cousin Trestec came up with the idea of using a high-modulus “sock,” or braided tube, to do the gripping in a new kind of rope clutch employing the same basic principle as a set of Chinese finger cuffs. The resulting stopper not only provided a tenacious grip it was also much easier on rope, since no metal or otherwise abrasive parts were involved. Now, the UK’s Spinlock has gone one better with what it calls its “Soft Grip” XTX. Though employing the same basic principle, Spinlock takes things to a whole other level, shortening its clutch appreciably and enclosing the “guts” in a sturdy, lightweight, low-profile housing. Better still, instead of employing a length of shock cord to tension the sock or tube, Spinlock uses a sturdy internal spring to tension what it calls it's textile “grip,” connecting the tube and spring to an anchor on one end and a small fitting at the other. The result is increased reliability, ensuring the clutch grabs hold (and releases) the rope immediately, securely and predictably every time."

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