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Spinlock Lume-On lights

9 May 2017
Visibility is key for any MOB situation – when Spinlock launched the Lume-On™ in 2015 we saw it as a simple, obvious but ground breaking step forward in lifejacket safety. The water-activated LED lights are designed to be easy and simple and cost effective to fit, yet hugely effective - transforming any standard lifejacket bladder into a large flashing beacon.
The Lume-On™ is fitted to all our fully featured Deckvest VITO and Deckvest 6D lifejackets – one of many of the hidden features in these award-winning Lifejackets. 
Lume-On are also available to retrofit to Spinlock or other lifejackets, and Spinlock is so convinced of their importance and benefits, that we make them available to other brands to fit to their lifejackets.
You can add Lume-On to your brand new Deckvest LITE, LITE+ or CENTO, or you can add them yourself by following our YouTube video.

In addition to the Lume-On lights, the Spinlock SOLAS approved Pylon lifejacket lights are fitted to all our Deckvest VITO and Deckvest 6D lifejackets and you can add Pylon to the Deckvest LITE, LITE+ and CENTO when new, or as an aftermarket purchase.

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