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Baltic Sea Fishing

11 Apr 2018

The team at in Denmark have been wearing a variety of Spinlock lifejackets on their fishing adventures and proudly waving the flag for the importance of personal safety and wearing life jackets in their online angling magazine for a while now.

We have been sent some brilliant photos of the crew from some of their recent trips over the winter months; these guys do a lot, reviewing all sorts of products, as well as attending and participating in competitions and events, fishing inshore on ribs to spending long hours out on the Baltic sea.

Fishing journalist Per Kreuz said:

"When we go fishing for salmon we spend 8-14 hours on the Baltic Sea therefore comfort and security is very important for us and that's why we use the Spinlock Deckvest 5D"

Inflatable or gas life jackets have become popular in the sport in recent years because they are more comfortable and lightweight than traditional jackets and foam buoyancy aids (PFD), allowing you to push the limits and maintain complete freedom of movement when out on the water, even forgetting you are wearing it.

Inflatable or gas lifejackets can be manual or automatic, meaning if they are worn in very wet conditions for example when wading, kayaking, canoeing or in belly boats they can be changed to manual only firing. It is worth noting that automatic lifejackets will not inflate if it is raining as water has to rush up the jacket dissolving the paper capsule.

Spinlock lifejackets popular within the sport of fishing are the Deckvest LITE, it comes in a few different colours and the Flow Green has a slightly more durable fabric which allows it to be wiped clean if necessary!

If you want to clip onto the boat for added security the the Deckvest 5D and Deckvest LITE+ both have an integrated deck harness. The crew from Smaabaadsnyt were fishing out on the Baltic and wanted to have the added security of the Deckvest 5D which comes fitted with many features as standard such as sprayhood, lifejacket light and bladder illumination lights which would prove vital in darker or more treacherous conditions further away from the shore.

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