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Work wear life jackets

13 Dec 2021

Spinlock are a leading manufacturer of workwear life jackets, with a focus on design and fit.

Spinlock supply lifejacket safety equipment for industries such as cruise ships, superyachts, ferries, oil & gas, marine geophysical, tugs, pilot boats, offshore wind, fishing, aquaculture, energy, military, security, rescue, government, harbour masters, dredgers and more.

Spinlock products are SOLAS, CE, ISO and MCA approved for industrial use.

Spinlock can provide Man OverBoard Rescue and PLBs which fit inside the lifejacket or in a specially designed essentials pack.

Spinlock's complete range of commercial lifejackets including our SOLAS Approved lifejacket the DURO SOLAS is available worldwide from Spinlock in the UK, Spinlock USA or our international distributor network.

Spinlock PFDs are designed to ensure maximum comfort and safety. You can speak directly to the Spinlock Team to ensure you get the right equipment, we can also provide loan products to try.

Email Doug, Industrial & Technical Sales here or find him on LinkedIn.

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