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Spring into the season email. Take advantage of discounted parts and accessories and get your lifejacket ready for the season. 20% off spares and accessories TLS20.

Terms and conditions apply. Discount is only available on Spinlock PROTECT range of spares and accessories. Offer does not include DW-MOB1 AIS MOB1. Offer may only be redeemed on the Spinlock website UK and USA.

Full list of parts included in this offer:

DW-BKL38  | 38mm Legstrap Buckle Male Part
DW-CTR  | Safety Line Cutter
DW-CYD20  | 20g CO2 Cylinder
DW-CYD33  | 33g CO2 Cylinder
DW-CYD60  | 60g CO2 Cylinder
DW-DBG  | 27L Deck Pack
DW-DTS/5D2  | Deckvest 5D Leg Straps - Size 2
DW-DTS/D2  | Deckvest Leg Straps. Button back attachment
DW-DTS/D3  | Deckvest Leg Straps. Button back attachment
DW-DTS/L  | Deckvest LITE Crotch Strap
DW-DTS/LCG  | Deckvest LITE LCG Crotch Strap
DW-DTS/SLS  | Deckvest SOLAS Crotch Strap 38mm
DW-DTS/TGH  | Thigh strap Adaptor
DW-FID  | Tripping Spike
DW-LJH/BAG  | Deckvest Mesh Bag
DW-LMN  | Lume-On Bladder Light x 2
DW-LTE/BAG  | Deckvest LITE Mesh Bag
DW-MAK  | UML Manual Conversion Kit
DW-MAK/E  | ELITE Manual Conversion Kit
DW-MPE  | Mast Pro Leg Elastics
DW-MPH/BAG  | Mast Pro Mesh bag
DW-PCB  | Belt Pack
DW-PCC  | Chest Pack
DW-PCS  | Side Pack
DW-PW/1BA  | Waterproof Pack - Azure Blue - Small
DW-PW/1YL  | Waterproof Pack - Yellow Lime - Small
DW-PW/2BA  | Waterproof Pack - Azure Blue - Medium
DW-PW/2YL  | Waterproof Pack - Yellow Lime - Medium
DW-PW/3BA  | Waterproof Pack - Azure Blue - Large
DW-PW/3YL  | Waterproof Pack - Yellow Lime - Large
DW-PY/L1  | Pylon Lifejacket Light
DW-RAH/150  | Hammar 150N/170N Deckvest Re-arming Kit
DW-RAH/275  | Hammar 275N Deckvest Re-arming Kit
DW-RAH/V170  | VITO Hammar 170N Deckvest Re-arming Kit
DW-RAH/V275  | VITO Hammar 275N Deckvest Re-arming Kit
DW-RAK  | UML Lifejacket Re-arming Kit (33g cylinder)
DW-RAK/100  | Cento Lifejacket Re-arming Kit (20g cylinder)
DW-RAK/275  | UML Lifejacket Re-arming Kit (60g cylinder)
DW-RAK/75  | ALTO rearming Kit (2* 16g cylinder)
DW-RAK/E170  | ELITE Lifejacket Re-arming Kit (33g cylinder)
DW-RAK/E275  | ELITE Lifejacket Re-arming Kit (60g cylinder)
DW-SHD/100  | Deckvest CENTO Sprayhood
DW-SHD/170  | Sprayhood 170N 5D/LITE/LITE Plus/Duro
DW-SHD/170/6D  | Sprayhood 170N 6D
DW-SHD/170/VT  | Deckvest VITO/170 Sprayhood
DW-SHD/275  | Sprayhood for 275N Deckvest 5D, Duro
DW-SHD/275/6D  | Sprayhood for 275N Deckvest 6D
DW-SHD/275/VT  | Deckvest VITO/275 Sprayhood
DW-STR/BAG  | Safety Line Mesh Bag
DW-TAH/FO  | Alto Holder Orange
DW-UML5  | UML MK5i Firing Head
DW-UMLE  | ELITE Firing Cap

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