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Waterproof Packs

100% waterproof pouches

For all your adventures, the Spinlock Waterproof Packs are designed for use with Spinlock flotation products or independently. The sleek style and minimalist construction mean the packs stay out the way while storing all your daily essentials.

from £27.64 inc. VAT


•  3 Sizes - Small, Medium, Large
•  Fully Waterproof - IPX7 Rated
•  Waterproof press closure
•  Opening belt loop attachment
•  Internal security loop
•  External tether point
•  Medium and Large packs include a window
•  Large pack - single pocket wraps over belt to form smaller pack
•  Universal back loop allows attachment to hard or soft mounts

Small: 200 x 120mm

Medium: 200 x 150mm

Large: 200 x 108cm folded closed, 200 x 324mm open

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Waterproof Pack - Azure Blue - Small

✓ Available

£27.64 inc. VAT
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Waterproof Pack - Azure Blue - Medium

✓ Available

£33.17 inc. VAT
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Waterproof Pack - Azure Blue - Large

✓ Available

£44.22 inc. VAT
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Waterproof Pack - Yellow Lime - Large

✓ Available

£44.22 inc. VAT
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Waterproof Pack - Yellow Lime - Small

✓ Available

£27.64 inc. VAT
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Waterproof Pack - Yellow Lime - Medium

✓ Available

£33.17 inc. VAT
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