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Commercial Fishing Safety

22 Nov 2021

Wearing a PFD/lifejacket when commercial fishing is the best way to improve survival time if a crew member ends up in the water.  In the UK it is compulsory for all commercial fishermen to wear a life jacket, PFD or use a safety harness.  Selecting a PFD that is comfortable and as unrestrictive as possible makes wearing a life jacket easier and reduces fatigue during long periods of wear. 

Spinlock’s DURO range is designed to keep arms and torso free while keeping the life jacket off the back of the neck by sitting it on the shoulders.  

Combined with this is Spinlocks market-leading in-water performance with accessories like:

- Spinlock Pylon™ SOLAS approved light
- Spinlock Lume-On™ life jacket illumination lights
- Spray hoods
- Additional pack range

Spinlock DURO 

The DURO ISO approved life jacket from Spinlock offers a lightweight close fitting life jacket in a yoke type configuration.  Adjustment buckles on the side of the user are out of the way of any equipment that the crew might be working with.  Available in 150N or 275N and optional fitting with Spinlock Pylon™ life jacket light, Spinlock Lume-On™ lights and sprayhood. 

Spinlock DURO+ 

The DURO+ 275N is an ISO approved life jacket from Spinlock.  The tailored design of the DURO+ sits the product on the user's shoulders.  The waistcoat style fit for easy donning of the DURO+ fastens using the unique Spinlock toggle buckle that is slim and snag-free.  The DURO+ is also fitted with an ISO approved deck harness, front adjustment buckles with a quick-release function. 


The Spinlock pack range allows the user to optimise our life jackets with a range of different size carry options as well as choose extras like Sprayhood, Pylon™ lifejacket light or Lume-On™ light. 

Read the latest essential safety advice from the RNLI on commercial fishing.

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