• Designed to withstand the demands of tough environments
  • 170N or 275N buoyancy
  • Extra durable cover materials for a long life
  • Lightweight, low profile, compact design
  • Easy side donning
  • One size
  • Straps with soft rear moulding reduces twisting and aids adjustment
  • Double crotch strap with recessed clip reduces risk of snagging
  • Clipping area for PLB / VHF
  • Clear pocket for identification card
  • Boat name/branded printing available
  • Attachment point for Chest Pouch
  • Attachment for kill cord or VHF leash
  • Automatic inflation
  • Attachment for optional Pylon™ lifejacket light
  • Attachment for optional sprayhood (use DW-SHD/170)
  • Integrates with AIS MOB1 device
  • Integrates with Lume-On™ bladder illumination lights

UML Mk5 or Pro Sensor - Water sensitive activation systems available

Deckvest duro size guide 2016

Deckvest DURO

From £173.94
From €200.68
From $250.00
From €189.30
From €207.40
From $366.48
From €202.35
From £144.95
From €249.90

Ultra lightweight lifejacket, designed to withstand the demands of tough environments

Select bladder size:

Select colour:

Deckvest DURO 170N (MK5) Black
Deckvest DURO 170N (MK5) Fluro Orange
Deckvest DURO 275N (MK5) Black
Deckvest DURO 275N (MK5) Fluro Orange


These items can be fitted to your Deckvest:

Lume on 1  clean Lume-On Bladder Light x 2
Cut out ais unit Ocean Signal MOB1 Unit
DW-MOB/1 - Not available for on-line purchase
2433 pylon 2 med res Pylon Lifejacket Light
Sprayhood web Sprayhood 170N 5D/LITE/LITE Plus/Duro
DW-SHD/170 - Not available for on-line purchase
Dw mak UML Manual Conversion Kit