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Best Life Jacket for Marine Pilots

30 Jun 2021

Sea Pilots and Marine Pilots when looking at PFD or life jackets have several things to consider when selecting the best equipment.  Ships Pilots are in a uniquely dangerous position during the pilot ladder transfer from pilot boat to vessel or vice versa.  

Spinlock’s range of Pilot suitable life jackets (also known as PFDs) offers several design features to improve flotation, location and everyday mobility and comfort.  

A few further details on the Spinlock range of marine pilot life jackets - 

Life jacket comfort – Not to be underlooked for a mariner working as a Sea Pilot.  Lightweight and comfortable equipment does not only reduce fatigue during long periods of wear but also offer serious benefits when transferring from the pilot vessel to the pilot ladder and during the climb of the pilot ladder.  Spinlock's DURO range of products is tailored to fit on your shoulders and cut into the chest keeping arms free for easy assentation of the pilot ladder. 

A life jacket for all weathers – Unlike some complete Pilot Coats that include floatation the Spinlock DURO range of products will fit with any waterproof, windproof, breathable coat or clothing selected or when working in lightweight clothing for tropical conditions. 

Flotation – Marine Pilots who enter the water need to have quality floatation that turns them on to their back.  Marine Pilots are susceptible to injury during a fall from a Pilot ladder and incapacitation the extra buoyancy of a 275N helps to quickly turn the casualty onto their back. 

Illumination – Once in the water quickly locating a Sea Pilot / Marine Pilot in the water after a fall during pilot transfer is imperative.  Spinlock’s SOLAS approved Pylon life jacket light combined with Spinlock Lume-On life jacket illumination lights create a highly visible target in the water for Pilot boat Crew and Ships crew.   

Location – There is increased use by marine pilots of AIS personal location beacons for faster location by Pilot Boat crew.  The Spinlock DURO range of products can be fitted with the Ocean Signal MOB 1 product that is automatically activated on the inflation of the life jacket. See link to info on the MOB 1 and this link to more info on AIS devices. 

Accessories – Spinlock’s DURO product range also has a number of lifejacket accessories that are suitable for Sea Pilots / Marine Pilots like spray hoods, a number of attachable packs and custom printing/branding available. 

For Marine Pilots the Spinlock DURO+ is the most popular option in the DURO range however Marine Pilots around the world use a range of Spinlock life jacket products for Marine pilotage. We are happy to chat through your requirements, send us a message here.

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