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What gear to use wing foiling

14 Mar 2022

What gear to use wing foiling

Wing foiling is a fast-growing sport in the UK and around the world.

Wing foiling (Wing Surfing or Wing Boarding) uses a small board with a hydrofoil and an inflatable wing. The sport has taken the best parts of windsurfing, kitesurfing, paddleboarding and surfing, and combined them together. Wing Foiling is easy to learn and can be mastered in stages over time. You can start flying the wing on a skateboard, then try on a paddleboard, to finally getting your first flight on the foil. The RYA has created a new 'Learning to Wing Foil' course and there are a number of centres around the world offering beginner lessons.

You may be looking into what gear to invest in whether you are a total beginner or have some wing experience or are already a fan of Kitesurfing, Windsurfing or Paddleboarding.

Gear checklist:

A 5m wing is a good size to start with

The bigger board the better to start on. Lots of flotation like a Paddleboard

Choose a large aluminium foil to start on. This will give you plenty of lift for your first flights

A full wetsuit will not only keep you warm but help protect yourself from bumps and bruises

Wetsuit Boot
These will keep your feet warm and protect your feet when you accidentally kick the foil in the water!

Buoyancy aid
This will help you float around whilst you sort your equipment in the water. It also helps with padding and protection

This is very important. During the early stages, you will fall in a lot. The foil can be painful to land on

Wing leash
Always keep your Wing attached via your leash

Board leash
Always keep your board attached via your leash and Board leash

The buoyancy aid you wear will depend on personal preference and there are a few options.

From left to right: Spinlock WING PFD, Spinlock FOIL PFD, Spinlock ALTOSpinlock Aero-Pro.

If you are developing your skills you may prefer to have foam buoyancy like the Spinlock Wing or Foil buoyancy aids or the Aero-Pro, these are inherently buoyant meaning you will float and give you some protection.

The ALTO is a manual inflatable and worn like a bum bag or fanny pack and you will almost completely forget you were wearing it. The ALTO needs to be manually activated. This can be a good addition to the buoyancy aid giving you extra flotation or can be used to attract attention in an emergency situation. It can also double up as a waist belt to attach your board leash.

Aero-Pro is a body profiled 50N flotation vest integrated within a rash vest. The close-fitting collar, sleeves and long-length waist gaiter help to reduce wind and water resistance to ensure it is as aerodynamically efficient as possible and reduces any snagging risks.

Aero-Pro can have a D3O® impact Vest added into the specially designed back slot or a hydration pack for easy access on the water.

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