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12 Jun 2018

The updated 2018 Spinlock Rig-Sense App has over 50 Tuning guides pre-installed to get you started in using your Spinlock Rig-Sense tension gauge. These were developed with sail makers, boat builders and class websites to help get you started in tuning your mast.

Rig tuning is one of the dark arts of sailing, with some people enjoying the technical side of tuning and others just looking to ensure the rig is upright and tensioned.

There are many factors that affect how you tune your rig and the outcomes of the adjustments can be common and also specific to a design. There is no doubt that rig tuning has to be learnt but having access to pre-set tensions loads and advice gets going quickly.

As well as the updated Rig Tuning App, Spinlock have a useful Rig Tuning reference guide which can be viewed here.

If you haven't seen Spinlock's rig tension gauges yet, find out more!


To download the Apple iOS Rig-Sense App in the App Store by searching Spinlock on your Apple device or here.

Download the Rig-Sense App from the Google Play store by searching Spinlock on your device or here.

If you already have the App installed, it should automatically update, if not please visit your App Store and check for any existing updates!

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