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Spinlock Team to take on hike bike and paddle adventure!

16 Aug 2021

The Spinlock team are taking part in the Ultimate Sports and Outdoor industry challenge, HIKE BIKE PADDLE in the Like District on Thursday 16th September 2021.

This challenge is raising money for The Youth Adventure Trust who have been using outdoor adventure to inspire young lives since 1992, using outdoor adventure to empower young people to fulfil their potential and lead positive lives in the future.

•  15km hike which takes them to the top of Helvellyn (3rd highest point in England)

•  Bike 34km off & on road

•  Finally, a team paddleboard around a course on Ullswater Lake.

The Spinlock team consists of Harley Chamberlain, James Hall, Ash Holmes, Henry Marsh and Myles Uren.

For the hike, the team has an early morning with a start of 5 am. The hike is a 15km route that takes them to the top of Helvellyn, via Swirral Edge, and back down through the Keppel Cove zigzags. The hike will NOT be marked - so the team must ensure at least one person knows how to use a map and compass!

Next is the bike challenge, a 34km route with a total ascent of 868 metres! This will really test the fitness of the team, but once completed they can have some fun and get wet, paddling a course on a 4-person paddleboard to the finish line!

We’re passionate about supporting charities like The Youth Adventure Trust because we want to contribute to the next generation and help them find a passion for sports and adventure. 

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