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Spinlock launch new Deckvest VITO lifejacket harness

28 Sep 2018

In 2017 Spinlock were asked to develop a new Lifejacket for the Volvo Ocean Race teams. In a departure from previous editions of this 45,000 mile Ocean Race, Volvo wanted a partner to use the latest in technology and their experience to develop a custom Lifejacket, designed to meet exactly the specific requirements of these sailors.

The outcome of the project - the Custom VOR 170N lifejacket was used by all the teams in what became one of the most challenging and extreme events of recent years. 

This test bed – totalling over 3 million cumulative miles of tough ocean  racing -  across the 70 crew members, gave a unique, focused opportunity to learn from and develop this new product. With feedback from the crew and analysis of the jackets at the race stop overs, Spinlock have taken this knowledge to create a new generation of lifejacket for 2019 the Deckvest VITO.

Offering all the features, technology and development from the Volvo Ocean Race Deckvest, the trialled and tested VITO gives confidence and design innovation to benefit the sailor.

Comfort, Fit and Adjustment immediately stand out as key features. Easy to put on, easy to adjust to size and with a fully tailored fit, VITO feels lightweight and compact. 

The structured shape means the VITO doesn’t get tangled, can be put on quickly and easily, even in the dark. The VITO is fitted with the latest Spinlock Buckle System and a Coarse and Fine size adjustment ensuring a secure and comfortable fit every time it’s worn, even with cold, wet and tired hands.

Harness Release System: HRS™

The VITO is the first Lifejacket Harness to include a revolutionary Harness Quick Release System.

The option to quickly release a safety line can be lifesaving in certain situations this is recognised in the Offshore Special Regulations by the requirement to carry a knife, however knives can often be inaccessible and hard to use in an emergency. The Spinlock HRS™  is concealed, yet easy to find and simple to operate, an industry first in design, that gives a consistent release -opening the harness connection point and releasing the user.

The tough, rugged yet attractive outer cover conceals the latest 170N Lifejacket Bladder with technology refined and enhanced based on experience and feedback.

The spray hood is structured and fitted with a large window for improved visibility and reduced claustrophobia.

The lifting strop is highly visible, easy to locate and simple to use and MOB AIS devices easily fitted and managed.

Activation of the 170N Bladder uses the robust Hammer Hydrostatic pressure system, with our own extra small CO2 cylinder to further reduce bulk. 

A design led company, Spinlock enjoy the challenge of designing and developing new products to enhance and benefit the sailors enjoyment and performance. Working with the Volvo Ocean Race has allowed us to really push through some new design features and function under the ISO12402 Standard to then trickle down and really benefit the wider leisure community. 

To buy the Deckvest VITO or find out more here.

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