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Predatortour fishing champions!

14 May 2019

Quantum team anglers Timo Rosche and Fredrik Harbort landed some incredible fish in one of Europe’s largest predator matches and claimed victory after three days of competition. Every year, the Predatortour in Sweden brings together top anglers from all corners of the globe to hunt down the top prize in teams of two. This year’s venue was Vänern, the largest lake in the country. A total of 122 teams registered for the match, which was held between 25 April and 27 April, with 101 teams actually competing. The six largest pike caught by each team over the three days would count towards their final tally.
The Quantum duo were high on the leaderboard after the first day of competition, with the Quantum Yolo Pike Shad delivering several Pike over a meter in length. Due to the heavy fishing and drop in wind, the fishing on day two was increasingly tough and the big fish were proving elusive. This prompted the team anglers to switch to the Quantum Twinler, a double-tailed lure whose movement sets it apart from standard action shads.

The decision proved to be an inspired one as, shortly before the end of the second day of competition, Fredrik and Timo landed a pike measuring 117 cm, a crucial fish in this type of match! Several other teams had previously tried the same spot without success.
The catch made it clear to both anglers that they now had a very real chance of victory. As things stood, only one of the fish that would count towards their match total was less than a metre in length, so their objective was to catch just one more pike over a metre on the final match day. With focused fishing and faith in the Twinler, they landed precisely the fish they needed. The total length of their pike at the end of the match was 641.60 cm, putting them exactly 6 cm ahead of the second-placed team. An incredible performance! Besides the first prize, the pair also earned 10,000 euros for their well-deserved victory!

Fredrik and Timo used the following tackle for the competition:
Rods: Quantum Aggressor Heavy Lure Smart Trigga and Quantum Smoke
Reels: Quantum Exo Baitcaster 301 and Iron Spin
Line: 0.25 mm Quantum Ultrex braid and 0.85 mm Quantum Fluorocarbon.

They were wearing Spinlock Deckvest LITE lifejackets, the Spinlock Team send their congratulations on a fantastic victory!

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