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NEW | TSR Aft Organiser, WING & FOIL PFDs & Deckvest CENTO

12 Nov 2014

Spinlock have announced the exciting new range of products to be launched at METS 2014

TSR High Load Aft Organisers

By nature, high load deck organisers are required to divert very highly loaded lines at extremely large angles. Coupled with modern build materials and the need for precise line leads, organisers are often over engineered to prevent structural failure but required custom specification early on in the build schedule (not always possible), which often left teams using organisers that were not quite correct with poor line leads or very simple and crude in their construction.

Spinlock's new 'TSR Aft Organisers' use a modular design and assembly to allow builders to accurately space sheaves in the precise location later in the build when they are ready. Rather than having to commit to early custom builds, the TSR is delivered with over length rails that can then cut to length and move sheaves to the exact location for perfect alignment and high line speeds. Helping to overcome the lack of strength in cored laminate decks, a central shaft has been designed through the deck and the sheaves, designed to spread load evenly into the laminate, it also allows for on deck removal for ease of access and servicing.

Using 20mm sheaves, Tulip shaped in design, reduces friction from the vertical plane, whilst plain bearings offer not only smooth rotation but high load carrying. Constructed as light as possible, 'TSR Organisers' are very low profile to seamlessly fit into both modern deck design and reduce windage as much as possible. Sheaves can be moved, added, removed and endless lines easily dropped into the system when needed.

Commenting on the new 'TSR Organiser' CEO Chris Hill comments "as always with our design, the Spinlock team have taken a product which was ready for improvement and condensed the design criteria into a clear route for a new high load organiser that satisfies users at a multitude of levels including OEM, Race, Superyacht and Performance cruise".


  • 20mm diameter alloy sheaves
  • All rotating sheaves with plain bearing
  • Central shaft designed to spread load through laminate
  • Tulip sheathed design reduces friction from vertical deflection
  • Alloy top rails
  • Modular design and assembly
  • Low profile design
  • Simple inserting and removal of endless lines

WING & FOIL 50N High Agility PFD Buoyancy Aids

Launching at METS, Spinlock will showcase a new category of 50N personal flotation devices as part of its growing Deckware collection.

With sailors increasingly on-board faster and more technical keelboats and dinghies, their requirement for PFD’s to perform at the highest level of athleticism required a fresh approach to PFD design. Focusing on high speed, high impact and high agility sports, the two styles 'WING' and 'FOIL' have been developed to provide the latest in PFD equipment for this new generation of sailing. The  compact minimalist design of the new 50N flotation vests provide the required buoyancy with little impact on the crews performance in high action situations.

'WING' (side zip) and 'FOIL' (front zip) both use new stretch materials to ensure a close body fit. Tapered foam and tailoring, coupled with snag free hidden adjustment, offer an ultra low profile finish. Distinctive in their monochrome colour blocking and structured shaping, 'WING' and 'FOIL' both offer streamlined pockets, internal grip print, and ‘dry coated’ materials to reduce water absorption.
Available in Cobalt Blue, Mercury Red and Black Graphite, 'WING' and 'FOIL' are set to become the iconic must have PFD.


  • Low profile with low snag body fit system
  • Tapered high cut for action & mobility
  • Internal ‘GRIP’ print
  • Stretch mesh outer pocket with internal security pocket
  • Front & Side Zip versions
  • Articulated back panelling (FOIL
  • Dry coated elastic side panels to reduce water absorption
  • Available in Sizes S,M,L,XL
  • Colours: Black Graphite, Mercury Red and Cobalt Blue 

Deckvest CENTO Junior Lifejacket Harness

'Deckvest CENTO' is a junior inflatable lifejacket for children in the age range 8 to 16 years old weighing 20-50 Kgs.

For too many years, junior sailors have been forced to wear bulky, uncomfortable and unattractive lifejackets when out on the water, whilst around them other personal equipment for sailing has become lighter, more interesting and more exciting.

The 'Deckvest CENTO' offers the younger wearer all the features of the award winning Deckvest LITE lifejacket, and much more, in a compact 100 Newton version.
Compact, lightweight, and correctly proportioned for a junior user, the 'Deckvest CENTO' is simple to put on, simple to adjust and comfortable to wear for long periods. Most importantly 'Deckvest CENTO' offers younger lifejacket wearers a modern lifejacket designed for their sport, a lifejacket that fits correctly but looks and feels grown up, increasing their interest and enjoyment in the sport.

CEO Chris Hill comments ‘ With 'Deckvest CENTO' our design team were excited to tackle a project for the younger water user, a user who in the past has been constrained into wearing a lifejacket that often spoils their enjoyment of being on the water. Using experience from our existing range of award winning lifejackets we have been able to bring sharp focus to the key aspects of lifejacket design, comfort, ergonomic fit, clean sharp design and most importantly weight reduction, making the 'Deckvest CENTO' a proper piece of sports equipment for the junior sailor or watersports enthusiast.


  • Junior 150N Category Lifejacket Harness (100N Actual)
  • 20-50kgs person weight, one size
  • Compact and lightweight, with body form fitting
  • Soft loop harness attachment point  
  • Lightweight easy adjust belt
  • Single Crotch Straps
  • Available in Pacific Blue or Grenadine Pink
  • Automatic inflation – UML Mk 5
  • CRC corrosion resistant coated cylinders (20g)
  • Attachment for optional Pylon™ Light
  • Attachment for optional sprayhood
  • Manual activation kit available
  • 5 year Warranty and Through Life Support (TLS)

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