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Life jacket lights explained

1 Jul 2021

Lifejacket lights explained

A safety light for your inflatable lifejacket or PFD will activate automatically when in contact with water. They help attract attention in darkness by your crew or emergency services.

Let’s start with the Spinlock Pylon™  SOLAS approved life jacket light 

The Spinlock Pylon light comes included with the 6D and VITO, and can be added to the LITE, LITE+, CENTO and Spinlock Commercial work-wear lifejackets. You may also add it to other brands, makes and models of lifejacket.

The light of the Pylon is sitting at the top of a 23cm antenna which stands proud of the person in the water and deploys on inflation of the lifejacket. The sensor is water-activated, but also has an on/off switch.

The unique shape of the Pylon light means it eliminates head shadow and when donning a sprayhood, the spray hood does not obstruct the visibility of the light.

It is a compact lifejacket light for complete all-round visibility, weighing only 37g (1.3oz) means it provides little extra weight to your lifejacket.

It packs inside the life jacket on the same side as the oral inflation tube and whistle, unnoticeable along the shape of the lifejacket cover.

It holds a Lithium-Ion cell battery and is a SOLAS approved lifejacket light to ISO standard ISO 12402-8.

It is a LED light with a minimum of 0.75 candela for 10 hours. The Pylon lifejacket light’s unique battery life indicator confirms the light will still have 10-hour minimum capacity so you can check it yourself during a lifejacket service or sailing trip.

Wearing a SOLAS approved lifejacket light will undoubtedly speed rescue day and night. With its raised height improving 360-degree visibility.

The Pylon can also be used in conjunction with the Spinlock Lume-On bladder illumination lights.

Watch our YouTube video on how to replace or fit the Spinlock Pylon lifejacket light.

Spinlock Lume-On™ Bladder Illumination Lights

The Lume-On bladder illumination lights are a unique, compact design which consist of 2 lights that stick to the underside of the inflatable bladder to increase visibility and aid location.

They weigh only 14g (0.5oz) so add no extra weight or bulk to your lifejacket.

The Lume-On lights attach and integrate only in lifejackets with a separate bladder and cover construction, i.e. most inflatable lifejackets. They stick directly to the underside of the inflatable chamber and light up the lifejacket like a beacon. The light shines through the high visibility fabric and diffuses the light creating a bright mass in the water, helping to attract attention in darkness of your crew or the emergency services.

All Spinlock lifejackets have been tested and approved for use with the Spinlock Lume-On but if you are fitting them to other brands of lifejacket, it is the users responsibility to check the compatibility with the lifejacket Manufacturer.

Lume-On™ lights are not SOLAS approved and are designed to be used in addition to approved lifejacket lights. You buy them as a pair of lights and you can follow our easy YouTube tutorial on how to fit the Lume-On lights.

Do you need help fitting your lifejacket lights? Watch our videos on YouTube: Replacing or Retrofitting a Spinlock Pylon light or Fitting Spinlock Lume-On Lights.

Spinlock Commercial lifejackets for work-wear are fitted with Glowspot bladder fabric, find out more here.

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