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Inflation Choices

9 May 2017

Choosing a lifejacket can be complicated, there are a wide range of types, sizes and inflation methods out there. Our view at Spinlock is – be realistic and keep it simple.

Firing heads and lifejacket designs have changed and improved significantly over the years. From the feedback of our Deckvest lifejacket users, accidental inflations are a very rare occurance – if you are interested in what an auto firing head can take without inflating then check out the testing Rob our Deckware Technologist put himself through on our you Tube channel. 

If you follow our social channels, you may have seen this fantastic Instagram video from Michael de Freitas, of him testing his Deckvest 5D in the shower, or this Instagram video from @Burd3 on a Fujin, Bieker 53 catamaran. Both show the performance of the Pro Sensor operating systems and just how resilient they are.

With this in mind, consider other aspects of the inflation system, - speed of reaction in immersion, ease of replacement, ease of maintenance, availability spares, cost etc. 

Whilst a hydrostatic system is a great product for those who choose to operate in extremely wet conditions where an accidental inflation is a risk and the implications are more serious - thankfully for most of us, the simplicity and functionality of water sensitive systems are far more appropriate.

For more in depth details of the different firing systems – head to our Inflation Systems Explained support page. 

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