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Design project | Make a classic F18, foil.

12 Apr 2017

We have been interested to follow a university project we have supported lately with a Spinlock load cell. Annabel Vose is also part of the BAR Youth Academy as well as studying for a Masters at Southampton University in Ship Science.

For the assignment, Spinlock have provided a load cell in order to allow the team to research a design project to make a classic F18, foil. After using a classic spring measure with a 10-1 purchase to try and estimate these, they required a much more advanced system to analyse loads 

Annabel said "We have had 4 successful days of foiling with no breakages which is rather a miracle. We did 3 days of towing, using your load cell and then finally a day of sailing. The tow testing was excellent and we got loads of useful data validating the CFD & VPP, and the sailing testing was even better we got her foiling upwind, and quite stably!"

They ran the load cell using a 1-2 attachment system in order to record the loads a little more precisely.

A great use of the Spinlock Sense load cell and brilliant to hear details about how different people are using them in such varied projects.

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