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Are you looking for the best lifejacket for the Fastnet race 2021?

21 Jun 2021

Are you looking for the best lifejacket for the Fastnet race 2021?

Personal equipment requirements for the 2021 Fastnet race can be read in full here.

Each crew member will be required to have a lifejacket in accordance with ISO 12402-3, Spinlock life jackets the Deckvest VITO and Deckvest 6D both meet these requirements which come fitted as standard to these high specification lifejackets. 

Your lifejacket must have the following:

     •  SOLAS approved lifejacket light ✔

     •  Whistle ✔

     •  Retro-reflective material ✔

     •  Crotch strap/s or thigh straps ✔

     •  Lifting loop ✔

     •  Safety harness ✔

     •  Sprayhood ✔

     •  Space in the neck to clearly mark with name (wearer or yacht) ✔

We have you covered! The Deckvest VITO and 6D are packed full of features and most importantly are easy to wear for long periods offshore.


For the Fastnet race you will also need to add-on or carry with you:

•  AIS unit fitted into the life jacket, the AIS MOB1 unit here fits perfectly inside the lifejacket.

     •  Spare re-arming kit here.

     •  ISO 12401 Safety Line. Crew are required to have either a short + long tether or 3-point tether We recommend the DW-STR/03/C here.

     •  Knife – this can be carried in a Spinlock Chest Pack, the pack can also hold your PLB.

Pro Tip: It is recommended that the 275N is not worn as it may hamper entry into life rafts and is much less easy to manoeuvre in a MOB situation. Any questions? Ask the Spinlock team

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