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Latest flotation delivered to Team Land Rover BAR

29 Feb 2016
Official supplier of personal protective equipment to the British America’s Cup Challenger for the 35th America’s Cup, Land Rover BAR, Spinlock this week deliver their 4th generation of flotation product, drawing together 18 months experience, feedback and testing with the team into a design that is the most technically efficient yet for the wearer.
Named Spinlock BAR T2 vest”, the design of the new flotation vest focuses on four core design elements that have been identified by the team. These elements allow them to perform at the highest athletic level on these foiling multihulls, be as efficient as possible in their movement and contribute to the aerodynamic performance and efficiency of the boat, whilst ensuring the highest levels of safety.
The Spinlock T2 vests provide 50N of Buoyancy. Ultra soft compliant foam is cut and shaped to ensure the minimum interference with the crew’s activities on the boat, but gives secure flotation when needed. Dry coated materials ensure the product absorbs minimal water, keeping the team as light and fast as possible.
Due to the high speeds and the potential for collision and capsize, the Spinlock T2 vests features D30 ™ motorbike grade, shock absorbing body armour. This unique flexible material is incorporated into the body of the flotation vest allowing the wearer complete flexibility, but on impact the molecules lock together to absorb and disperse energy, before instantly returning to their flexible state. 
Aerodynamics and Fit
The PFD is sculpted and tailored to integrate with the Henri Lloyd Team Sailing Kit, with high stretch sleeves and skirt, to further maximise the aerodynamic profile of the sailor as they work on top of these multihulls sailing at speeds of over 40 knots. The shape and panelling of the product has in turn been designed around the crew activity on board, reducing any interference.  Whilst close fitting and snug to wear, the jackets must also be easy to remove. In the event of a capsize it is essential that crew can remove and discard the flotation device within 10 seconds if required. 

The America’s Cup Class boats are at the limits of technical development in this new category of sailing, so there is a need for additional crew safety items on these training vests. Recessed in to the back of the jacket, to minimise bulk and reduce aerodynamic drag, is an emergency air cylinder, used if trapped under an upturned hull to give vital extra minutes. On the front of the jacket, accessible with either hand is a recessed rescue knife, providing quick release from any entrapment.
Land Rover BAR crew member Nick Hutton comments, “Crew equipment and performance is a critical part of our R&D process, so a close relationship and good communication between the Spinlock and Henri Lloyd developers and the sailing team has been vitally important in the product development process. We’re really happy with these new Spinlock BAR T2 vests.”

The Spinlock BAR T2 vest & the latest Henri Lloyd Team Sailing Kit will be available for fans to see at the RYA Dinghy Show as well as online at

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