• Actual loads often vary widely from design loads.
  • Sense range offers teams the ability to quickly and easily confirm actual working loads, refine deck hardware, rope selection, sail choice and even sail trim
  • Ultra compact and designed to be quickly attached between any two loaded points, be it a fibre rope or hardware
  • Continuous real time ‘Actual’ and ‘Peak’ read out with trend graph
  • Data readout via the latest Bluetooth LE, to mobile devices such as a smart phone or tablet for immediate view, storage or sharing
  • Peak Load displayed both during and after the session - recorded in the all new Sense-App
  • Overall accuracy 0.2% over full scale deflection
  • Rated to IP67, protected against short term immersion in water
  • Custom units rated 15, 20 and 50 tonnes available. To discuss your requirements please contact: spt@spinlock.co.uk.
  • For full details please read our Terms & Conditions

LW Sense

Digital load cell with data displayed on smart phone or tablet

Wireless Sense with Bluetooth connection only, 5T maximum mobile load cell (No Display)
Wireless Sense with Bluetooth connection only, 10T maximum mobile load cell (No Display)