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EJB Tiller Extension

Lightweight Tiller Extension

Longer tiller

Lightweight Tiller Extension


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Product Info

  • Strong, lightweight anodised aluminium tube
  • UV resistant, extra tough Spinflex joint
  • Spinflex™ joint allows full 360 degree swivel
  • Spinflex™ joint is uniquely moulded at 30 degrees to reduce induced stress that contributes to early failure of a vertical moulded joint
  • Spinflex joint holds tiller in helming position, 30 degrees above horizontal 
  • Triple wave handle gives a choice of secure grip positions
  • Responsive 'feel' and precise helm control
  • Hole centres allow retrofitting from other products and upgrade to Spinlock EA or EJ models
  • Includes retaining clip


EJB/600B - 600mm (23 5/8")

EJB/900B - 900mm (35 7/16")

EJB/1400B - 1400mm (55 7/64")

Weights & Fasteners


EJB/600B - 125g (4.4oz)
EJB/900B - 170g (6.0oz)
EJB/1400 - 255g (8.9oz)


2 x M5 (3/16") Pan Head (not supplied)

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