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Choosing a lifejacket for fishing and angling

28 Jul 2021

We are often asked what is the best lifejacket for fishing. There are many types of flotation aid to choose from that are designed for angling.

Spinlock life jackets are very popular in the fishing community with the Deckvest LITE being worn by top competitive anglers including Team England’s Lure fishing squad at the world championships and the European Predator Tour champions Timo Rosche and Fredrik Harbort.

A life jacket or buoyancy aid, also known as a PFD, should be part of your kit and considered as important as a rod or tackle. Whatever type of angling you are doing; a lifejacket could save your life.

Watch this video of a fishing/angling safety day in the RNLI pool filmed by Henry Gilbey, you can really see the effect waders and fishing clothing have on your body in the water.

If a lifejacket is comfortable, you will wear it and forget it is even on. Modern lifejackets like the Spinlock Deckvest LITE are lightweight and armed with CO2 cylinders which inflate the lifejacket automatically or manually depending on what you need.

Inflatable lifejackets are reusable and can be rearmed easily by following our YouTube tutorial.

The Spinlock Deckvest LITE is a 170N automatic lifejacket, you can convert the LITE to manual only by using a manual conversion kit (link). This choice depends on how wet you plan on getting. Certified as a lifejacket, the LITE is a life saving device and can right an unconscious casualty to being face up in the water.

Our most popular lifejacket for fishing is the FLOW Green Deckvest LITE lifejacket which has an extra durable cover fabric, perfect for coordinating with your existing gear. However, we do have a range of other colours available!

The Spinlock ALTO is a 75N manual-only buoyancy aid. Worn around the waist like a bum bag or waist pack ALTO is manually inflated when needed.

The LITE and ALTO inflate exposing a highly visible bladder, allowing you to be seen clearly in the water. You can add lights and other accessories.

If you need pockets, we have a range of packs which are perfect for storing tackle and other equipment.

Read this article from the RNLI https://rnli.org/safety/choose-your-activity/angling#summary

Any more questions drop Spinlock team an email to prosupport@spinlock.co.uk

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