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Best Life Jacket for working In Offshore Wind

9 Dec 2021

Offshore wind technicians are required to wear a number of different pieces of PPE due to the unique working environment. Survival Suits, fall arrest harnesses, helmets, boots, gloves and eyewear, as well as a SOLAS approved life jacket. 

When selecting a SOLAS approved life jacket, wind farm technicians need to select a product that integrates with the other equipment and does not reduce their performance.  

The Spinlock DURO SOLAS 275N life jacket was developed with leaders in the offshore wind sector to offer the best day-to-day performance alongside market-leading in-water lifejacket performance   

Why is the Spinlock DURO SOLAS 275N life jacket are important for Offshore windfarms? -  

  • LIFEJACKET COMFORT – Comfort is not to be overlooked for offshore wind technicians, who can be wearing PPE for long periods. Lightweight and comfortable equipment does not only reduce fatigue during long periods of wear but also offers serious benefits when transferring from the transfer vessel to the turbine ladder and during the climb of the wind turbine ladder.  Spinlock's DURO SOLAS 275N life jacket is tailored to fit on your shoulders and cut low on the torso for easy access to a fall arrest harness and keeps arms free for easy assentation of the turbine ladder. 

  • A LIFEJACKET AND UNIFORM – The design of the Spinlock DURO SOLAS 275N life jacket helps promote wind farm technicians and their company as professional companies. 

  • FLOTATION – If a Windfarm technician enters the water, they need to have quality floatation that turns them on to their back.  Wind farm technicians are susceptible to injury during a fall from a transfer ladder and when incapacitated the extra buoyancy of a 275N helps to quickly turn the casualty onto their back. 

  • ILLUMINATION – Once in the water quickly locating a wind farm technician is imperative.  Spinlock’s SOLAS approved Pylon life jacket light combined with Spinlock Lume-On life jacket illumination lights create a highly visible target in the water. 

  • LOCATION – The majority of offshore wind farms require the use of AIS personal location beacons for faster location.  The Spinlock DURO range of products can be fitted with the Ocean Signal MOB 1 product that is automatically activated on the inflation of the life jacket. See link to info on the MOB 1 and this link to more info on AIS devices. 

Offshore wind farms require high standards of PPE and the lifejacket is an important part of the mix.  The Spinlock DURO SOLAS 275N life jacket was developed with leaders in the offshore wind sector to offer the best day to day performance alongside market-leading in-water life jacket performance see link for further info. 

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