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DURO Front Closure

New Heavy Duty Commercial Lifejacket

Designed for commercial use - available in 170N and 275N buoyancy, the DURO is an ultra lightweight, lifejacket designed to withstand the demands of tough environments.

from $289


  • Designed to withstand the demands of tough environments
  • 170N or 275N buoyancy
  • Extra durable cover materials for a long life
  • Lightweight, low profile, compact design
  • Simple front closure
  • One size
  • Straps with soft rear moulding reduces twisting and aids adjustment
  • Single 38mm crotch strap
  • Clipping area for PLB / VHF
  • Clear pocket for identification card
  • Boat name/branded printing available
  • Attachment point for Chest Pouch
  • Attachment for kill cord or VHF leash
  • Automatic inflation

Pro Sensor activation system.

DURO 170N 950g (2lb 1.5oz)
DURO 275N 1250g (2lb 12.1oz)
One size
Chest measurement: 60-145cm (23.5-57 inches)
Weight: Over 50kg
Suitable marine industry uses such as cruise ship, superyacht, ferries, oil & gas, marine geophysical, tugs, pilot boats, offshore wind, fishing, aquaculture, energy, military, security, rescue, government, harbour masters and more.

CE and ISO approved for industrial use.
CE Approved
ISO12402-3 170N Special application lifejackets
ISO12402-2 275N Special application lifejackets
DURO FC 170N 950g (2lb 1.5oz)
DURO FC 275N 1250g (2lb 12.1oz)


Choose your DURO Front Closure

  • Bladder Size
  • Colour
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DURO 170N Black

✓ Available


DURO 275N Fluro Orange

✓ Available


DURO 275N Black

✓ Available



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