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New ZXB Powerclutch

8 Feb 2023
The new ZXB Jammer from Spinlock is now available. The ZXB holds lines between 8 and 12mm and loads up to 3000kg. The lightweight, low-profile body is a smaller product for the load holding performance and only weighs 675kg. The high strength aluminium body is formed as a monocoque structure, with lightweight, ceramic jaws for ultimate high load performance and resistance to heat and abrasion and low maintenance PTFE bearings.

There is very low pull through friction. Clip-on jaw grips for easy replacement ensure lower cost and weight, important for long life and less waste.
The traditional exposed handle has been developed into a unique toggle and button latching mechanism. The jammer is easy to operate from various positions and can be set up for remote operation. It is simple to view the on/off status of the Spinlock ZXB jammer and carrying out maintenance is easily performed on-deck.

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