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Load Cells

18 Jan 2018

The latest hardware developments at Spinlock 

Read more: http://www.sail-world.com 

Spinlock Sense range of mobile load cells is designed to be attached between any two loaded points, be it a fibre rope or hardware, with options to either display the data on a colour OLED Screen or wirelessly over long distance to a mobile device such as a smart phone, tablet or PC.

MOD70 and Team Macif have both been using Sense in the last few months to optimise their set ups and ensure that design loads are verified in the dynamic and difficult-to-model marine environment.

Real-time actual Load for the selected line is displayed continuously under way, Peak Load displayed both during and after the session and is then stored in the all new Sense-App (LWS version). This also allows settings to be placed on the device such as ‘ Load Alarms’, maximum and minimum, for load critical applications, such as running back stays, or even repeat loads for sail trimming.

The Sense-App's allow the user to record data about the session, such as name of application, geo location, conditions, add an image and share/export the data for further analysis.


LWS/10 Wireless Sense with wireless connection only, 10T maximum mobile load cell (No Display)
LWS/5 Wireless Sense with wireless connection only, 5T maximum mobile load cell (No Display)

20T and 50T custom units available to order. For larger units please contact us directly.

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