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Conrad Colman: Vendee Globe Podcast

11 Jan 2017

Naturally the Spinlock team are closely following the Vendee Globe; enthusiasts of the sport as well as working in the industry. Some of us have the Vendee Globe race Tracker installed, a couple are participating in the interactive game app and most of us are involved with a Spinlock HQ / Vendee sweepstake.

As a team we have really enjoyed following the excellent updates on social media provided by skipper Conrad Colman of Foresight Natural Energy; Conrad and the team have really outdone themselves and the coverage has been excellent.

Recently we had the pleasure of listening to one of his podcasts and we wanted to share it with our audience, Spinlock get an important mention.

Take 5 minutes to listen now:


Transcript from audio:
“That’s not to say there’s no danger or discomfort in what I do in many ways todays podcast should be brought to you by Spinlock, the makers of my life vest or safety harness because it surely saved my life the other day. I was working on the front of the bow… the pocket of the J10 so that the fixing the cable that holds it in place and I was literally picked up by a wave when we plunged into the back of it and I was flung into through the air above 5 metres and almost back towards the mast and on my way I collected the other two furled sails so I now have a throbbing thumb and a tender tibia but it could have been much, much worse I was completely disorientated  and had totally surpassed my physical capacity to hang on to anything and so it was my life line that kept me on board… so thank you Spinlock great job! So after that experience today has been a rest day”.

Conrad Colman \\ www.conradcolman.com

Skipper with double nationality from New Zealand and USA. He settled in Lorient, France in 2009 to pursue his dreams of offshore racing. Since then he has raced the Mini Transat, Route du Rhum, won the Global Ocean Race and completed his last round the world race on a 60ft IMOCA in the Barcelona World Race. The biggest challenge is just ahead with the Vendée Globe 2016 fast approaching!

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