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Deckvest 6D vs Deckvest VITO

The Deckvest 6D and Deckvest VITO both offer the ultimate performance lifejacket with a few key differences to suit your requirements.  

The Deckvest 6D uses a Pro Sensor Elite operating system and the Deckvest VITO uses a Hammar pressure-activated operating system.

Here is a comparison table showing the similarities and differences between the 6D and VITO.

You can find larger exploded diagrams as a PDF Deckvest 6D and Deckvest VITO .

The Deckvest VITO was developed using all the features, technology and development from the Volvo Ocean Race Deckvest, the trialled and tested VITO gives confidence and design innovation to benefit the sailor. Comfort, Fit and Adjustment immediately stand out as key features. Easy to put on, easy to adjust to size and with a fully tailored fit, VITO feels lightweight and compact. The structured shape means the VITO doesn’t get tangled, and can be put on quickly and easily, even in the dark. The VITO is fitted with the latest Spinlock Buckle System and a Coarse and Fine size adjustment ensuring a secure and comfortable fit every time it’s worn, even with cold, wet and tired hands. The Deckvest VITO has a Hammar operating system and is 170N of buoyancy.

The Deckvest 6D is the original Spinlock lifejacket, available in 170N and 275N bladder sizes with a Pro Sensor Elite operation system and optional HRS Harness Release system. 

Harness Release System (HRS)

Spinlock's Deckvest VITO and Deckvest 6D both have the option of a Harness Release System (HRS), a soft loop attachment point for a safety line which can be released in an emergency to free a person from their safety line.

• Activation handle located behind soft loop, easy to locate, grab and pull

• Soft loop attachment released and open

• User separated from safety line and boat

• Easily reset to use again

• ISO12402-1 Deck Safety Harness

The Spinlock Harness Release System (HRS) is a new innovation which enables the wearer to disconnect from the safety line by releasing a lever behind the soft loop safety line attachment point of the lifejacket harness.

What is HRS?

Spinlock still considers a knife to be an essential piece of carried equipment. However, we have yet to develop a reliable consistent safety line clip release system. Instead, we are focused on developing a release system of the actual lifejacket harness. Testing showed that the harness release system needed to be simple to understand, simple to use and simple to maintain as well as reliable over the lifetime of the lifejacket. At the same time, the harness release system must meet the requirements of the ISO12402 approval.

Staying connected to the boat is undoubtedly safer than being in the water and use of a safety line is actively encouraged. However, in the event of a fall overboard, a casualty can find themselves being dragged/trapped alongside or behind the vessel. A situation which can be hard to be released from.

Read more about the HRS development here.

If required – at an additional cost, Spinlock can upgrade any Deckvest 6D or Deckvest VITO to include the new Harness Release System.

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