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Deckware and Yachting Australia Special Regulations

31 Jan 2014

Deckware and Yachting Australia Special Regulations

The Spinlock Deckware range is fully compliant with Yachting Australia Special Regulations:

Deckvest 5D Life Jackets satisfy Special Regulations Part 1 Section 5.01, and are ISO12402-3 approved (accepted equivalent of AS4578, Level 150 or PFD Type 1) for Race Category 1, 2, 3 & 4.

Deckvest are equipped beyond the minimum standard with over the head spray hoods (now a recommendation in the standard ISAF Special Regulations and considered essential by experts), an emergency reverse hook knife and, most importantly, a high level 360 degree view ‘Pylon’ life jacket light.

The Spinlock range of Safety Lines or Tethers satisfies Yachting Australia Special Regulations Part 1 Section 5.02, and are ISO12401 approved (accepted equivalent to AS2227) and are available with a snap hook at each end.

Of the 6 models made by Spinlock, 3 comply:

DW-STR/02         2 Hook 2m

DW-STR/02E       2 Hook 2m elasticated

DW-STR/03         3 Hook 2m & 1m elasticated (also satisfies 5.02.2 30% rule)

Spinlock safety lines are up to 30% lighter and more compact than conventional safety lines and are Dry Coated to reduce water absorption. All use full strength, compact 16mm webbing with lightened safety clips. Each lines has an overload indicator. Cow hitch (loop), elastic, 2 and 3 clip versions are ISAF / ORC compliant and Yachting Australia Approved.

Deckvest Servicing:

For private/leisure use Spinlock Deckvest require a professional service two years after date of purchase (no certificate is required during this period but safety inspectors may ask for proof of purchased which is best provided via the Spinlock Confirmation of Registration email received to extend the warranty from 2 to 5 years) and bi-annually there after.  You are also required to inspect the jacket yearly.  Guidance to do this in the form of instructions and video is on the Spinlock website.  We also advise you inspect the jacket before any offshore event paying particular attention to the gas cylinder and light battery life.  All is accepted by Yachting Australia as per Special Regulation Part 1, 5.01.6.

If you have any questions please call Spinlock's Australian distributor, Harken Australia on 02 8978 8666

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