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Pylon lifejacket light


SOLAS approved, compact lifejacket light for complete all-round visibility.

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  • Lifejacket light designed for ease of attachment and low profile packing
  • 23cm antenna light which deploys on inflation of lifejacket
  • Eliminates head shadow and sprayhood obstruction
  • LED light with a minimum of 0.75 Candela for 10+ hour duration
  • Speeds rescue, day and night
  • Raised height significantly improves 360-degree visibility
  • Water-activated, plus on/off switch
  • Fitted as standard to Deckvest VITO and Deckvest 6D lifejacket harness
  • Can be retrofitted to other inflatable lifejackets with included elasticated strap
  • Pylon™ works in conjunction with Lume-On™  bladder illumination lights.
Product weight: 37g (1.3oz)
Lithium-Ion cell
Pylon Light ISO 12402-8



Pylon Lifejacket Light

✓ Available


  • Deckvest 6D

    • DW-LJH6D/A Deckvest 6D 170N Black
    • DW-LJH6D/A/HRS Deckvest 6D 170N Black with Fitted HRS system
    • DW-LJH6D/A275 Deckvest 6D 275N Black
    • DW-LJH6D/A275/HRS Deckvest 6D 275N Black with Fitted HRS system
    • DW-LJH6D/A275/MR Deckvest 6D 275N Mercury Red
    • DW-LJH6D/A275/MR/HRS Deckvest 6D 275N Red with Fitted HRS system
    • DW-LJH6D/ACY Deckvest 6D 170N Citrus Yellow
    • DW-LJH6D/ACY/HRS Deckvest 6D 170N Citrus Yellow with Fitted HRS system
    • DW-LJH6D/AMR Deckvest 6D 170N Mercury Red
    • DW-LJH6D/AMR/HRS Deckvest 6D 170N Red with Fitted HRS system
    • DW-LJH6D/APB Deckvest 6D 170N Pacific Blue
    • DW-LJH6D/APB/HRS Deckvest 6D 170N Pacific Blue with Fitted HRS system
    • DW-LJH6D/ATW Deckvest 6D 170N Tropic White
    • DW-LJH6D/ATW/HRS Deckvest 6D 170N Tropic White with Fitted HRS system
  • Deckvest CENTO Junior

    • DW-CEN/APB Deckvest Cento Junior 100N Lifejacket Harness Pacific Blue
    • DW-CEN/ASY Deckvest Cento Junior 100N Lifejacket Harness Sun Yellow
  • Deckvest LITE & Deckvest LITE+

    • DW-LTE/A Black Deckvest LITE Lifejacket
    • DW-LTE/ABW Bleach White Deckvest LITE Lifejacket
    • DW-LTE/AFG Flow Green Deckvest LITE Lifejacket
    • DW-LTE/AMR Mercury Red Deckvest LITE Lifejacket
    • DW-LTE/APB Pacific Blue Deckvest LITE Lifejacket
    • DW-LTE/ASG Seagrass Green Deckvest LITE Lifejacket
    • DW-LTH/A Black Deckvest LITE+ Lifejacket Harness
    • DW-LTH/ASY Sun Yellow Deckvest LITE+ Lifejacket Harness
  • Deckvest LITE RYA

    • DW-LTE/RYA Deckvest LITE (Black) with RYA Instructor Logo & Pylon Lifejacket Light
  • Deckvest VITO

    • DW-VT/H170 Deckvest VITO Hammar 170
    • DW-VT/H170/HRS Deckvest VITO Hammar 170 with Fitted HRS system
    • DW-VT/H275 Deckvest VITO Hammar 275
    • DW-VT/H275/HRS Deckvest VITO Hammar 275 with Fitted HRS system
  • DURO

    • DW-LTD/A170 Deckvest DURO 170N (MK5) Black
    • DW-LTD/A275 Deckvest DURO 275N (MK5) Black
  • DURO Front Closure

    • DW-LTDFC/A170 DURO 170N Black
    • DW-LTDFC/A275 DURO 275N Black
    • DW-LTDFC/A275FO DURO 275N Fluro Orange

    • DW-SLH/A SOLAS + 275N Deckvest Lifejacket
    • DW-SLS/A SOLAS 275N Deckvest Lifejacket
  • DURO+

    • DW-LTDH/A275 275N Deckvest Duro+ Lifejacket Harness (Black) - UML Pro Sensor Elite Firing Head
  • USCG Deckvest LITE & LITE+

    • DW-LCG2/R Deckvest Lite USCG II (Black)
    • DW-LCG2/RPB Deckvest Lite USCG II (Pacific Blue)
    • DW-LCG2/RTW Deckvest Lite USCG II (Tropical White)
    • DW-LCGH/R Black Deckvest LITE+ USCG Lifejacket Harness


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