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Why Choose the Spinlock Harness Release System?

15 May 2023
What is HRS?

HRS (Harness Release System) is a new innovation which enables the wearer of the lifejacket to disconnect from the safety line by releasing a lever behind the soft loop safety line attachment point of the lifejacket harness. The harness release system has been tested and meets the requirements of the ISO12402 approval.

Why would you want the HRS?

Staying connected to the boat is undoubtedly safer than being in the water and use of a safety line is actively encouraged. However, in the event of a fall overboard, a casualty can find themselves being dragged/trapped alongside or behind the vessel. The option to quickly release a safety line can be lifesaving in these situations and is recognised in the Offshore Special Regulations by the requirement to carry a knife. However, knives can often be inaccessible and hard to use in an emergency. For this reason, Spinlock developed the HRS was developed, to provide a safe and easy way to release the tether from the wearer whilst under load. 

When should you choose the HRS?

Although, the Harness Release System is simple to use and understand, the system may not be suited to every situation. The best way the HRS is understood is when the lifejacket harness is owned and used by one individual. This individual would be familiar with their lifejacket and understand the HRS technology and activation in an emergency. However, the HRS may not be suited to a circumstance in which the lifejackets may have several users such as a charter boat. The priority in this situation is ensuring the basics of a lifejacket is well understood and the lifejacket is correctly fitted, including the HRS could over complicate this situation.

Which Deckvests are compatible with the HRS?

Currently the Deckvest VITO and Deckvest 6D are the two models compatible with the HRS.


Can the HRS be retrofitted into my lifejacket?

Yes, the Harness Release System can be retrofitted to either the Deckvest 6D or the VITO. This can be undertaken by a local service centre. Alternatively, the Deckvest 6D and VITO can be bought already fitted with the HRS.

Can I reuse the HRS?

Yes, it is possible to rearm the Harness Release System on your lifejacket. The rearming process is very simple and quick. A short video on the process can be found here.


More about the development of the HRS here.

Watch a video on how to activate and reactivate the HRS here.

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