At Spinlock we're committed to reducing our impact on the environment, and have taken these steps:
  • Reducing use of processed materials
  • Printed literature has been reduced and replaced with downloadable versions and extensive information online
  • All magazines and waste paper are recycled
  • Lobbying against junk ad inserts in boating magazines
  • Requested all suppliers and customers not to use fax
We have also reduced our carbon emissions by:
  • Installing a condensing boiler at office site
  • Only having showroom window lighting on during working hours
  • Sourcing all gas and electricity from renewable resources
  • Replacing warm air heating with high efficiency system at manufacturing site
  • Having 100% low energy lighting at both sites
  • Having fewer, higher efficiency IT servers
  • Using fully recyclable retail product packaging
  • Using recycled fibre for transit packaging
  • Switching 98% of correspondence and documentation to email and online