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ZXB Power Jammer

New Jammer technology

New ZXB Power Jammer uses aerospace technology for super strong construction, with higher performance for lowest weight and deck footprint.

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  • ZXB0812 Jammer - Lines 8-12mm and loads up to 3000kgs
  • Lightweight high strength aluminium body formed as a monocoque structure
  • Use of aerospace technology has reduced the size and weight by a massive 40%
  • Very low profile body - smaller product for the load holding
  • Very low pull-through friction
  • Low-maintenance PTFE bearings
  • Lightweight, ceramic jaws for ultimate high load performance and resistance to heat and abrasion
  • Clip-on jaw grips for easy replacement ensure lower cost and weight, important for long life and less waste
  • Toggle and button latching mechanism - replacing traditional exposed handle
  • Easy to operate from various positions
  • Remote operation compatible
  • Simple to view on/off status of the jammer
  • Easy on-deck servicing and maintenance
Lines 8 - 12mm (5/16 -1/2”)
Loads up to 3000kg
Product Weight 825kg
Fasteners MK10 CSK
ZXB-KIT12            ZXB Jammer replacement Jaws, Bearings, Rear Cover and Toggle/Latch Assembly

ZX-BRG12            ZXB Jammer 8-12mm PTFE Bearings

ZX-MLDG12        ZXB Jammer 8-12mm Moulding Set



High Load Jammer for 8-12mm Lines

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ZXB Jammer 8-12mm Moulding Set

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