Flying with your Deckvest

Many of our customers use the Deckvest as a personal piece of kit and as such travel widely with it.

Below is the specification of the CO2 cylinders in case you are required to present it to an airline. All of our CO2 cylinders are tested and guaranteed to the following specifications:

1. Weight - 33g or 60g CO 2 cylinders
2. Burst pressure - minimum of 560 Bar
3. External pressure - tested to 250 Bar
4. Internal pressure - filled to 60 Bar at 20 centigrade (fill ratio 75% max)

The CO2 cylinders may be carried either as carry-on baggage, checked (hold) baggage or in person only with prior approval of the airline.

This is according to the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations; 50th edition, published 1st January 2009, Section (see below.)

Download the file below for a letter to show your airline

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