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Flying with your Deckvest

Firstly, thank you for purchasing one of our Deckvest Lifejackets, we hope you enjoy wearing it. Many of our customers use the Deckvest as a personal piece of kit and as such travel widely with it using airlines.Below is the specification of the CO2 cylinders if you are required to present it to an airline.

The CO2 cylinders may be carried either as carry-on baggage, checked (hold) baggage or in person only with prior approval of the airline. This is according to the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations; 60th Addition, published 2019, chapter 2.3, Dangerous Goods carried by passengers – Small cartridges fitted into a self-inflating safety device such as a life-jackets or vest:

• No more than one personal safety device per person;
• The personal safety device must be packed in such a manner that it cannot be accidentally activated;
• Limited to carbon dioxide or other suitable gas in Division 2.2 without subsidiary risk
• Cartridges must be for inflation purposes;
• The device must be fitted with no more than two small cartridges and
• Not more than two spare cartridges

All of our CO2 cylinders are tested and guaranteed to the following specifications:

1. Weight – 20g, 33g or 60g CO 2 cylinders
2. Burst pressure minimum of 560 Bar
3. External pressure tested to 250 Bar
4. Internal pressure filled to 60 Bar at 20 centigrade (fill ratio 75% max)


You can download the letter below to show to your airline.

Document Size  
Flying with your Deckvest 252 KB Download