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The T2 PFD focuses on four core design elements allowing the team to perform at the highest athletic level on these foiling multihulls

Flotation –The T2 vests provide 50N of Buoyancy. Ultra soft compliant foam, is cut and shaped to ensure the minimum interference with the crews activities.

Impact: Due to the high speeds and the potential for collision and capsize, the Spinlock T2 vests features D3O®  motorbike grade, shock absorbing body armour.

Aerodynamics and Fit : The PFD is sculpted and tailored to integrate with high stretch sleeves and skirt, to further maximise the aerodynamic pro le of the sailor as they work on top of these multihulls sailing at speeds of over 40 knots.

Accessories : Recessed in to the back of the jacket to minimise bulk and reduce aerodynamic drag is an emergency air cylinder, used if trapped under upturned hull to give vital extra minutes. On the front of the jacket, accessible with either hand is a recessed rescue knife, providing quick release from any entrapment. 

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T2 Jacket

  • 50N of Buoyancy – Ultra soft compliant foam
  • Impact Protection – Shock Absorbing Body Armour
  • Aerodynamic Fit – sculpted and tailored
  • Recessed Crew Accessories – Emergency Air and Knife