TSR20 Low Sheave Organiser

Forward Organiser for diverting high loaded lines

  • 20mm and 30mm diameter alloy sheaves
  • 30mm sheaves for diverting large deflection angles and large diameter lines
  • All rotating sheaves with plain bearings
  • Fixed Sheaves can be inserted in the organiser to further increase deflection loads
  • Alloy top rails
  • Modular design and assembly – Sheaves can be moved to any spacing
  • Tulip shaped design reduces friction from vertical defection
  • Low profile design
  • Simple inserting and removal of endless lines
  • Central shaft designed to spread load through laminate
  • Titanium parts available to further reduce weight
Tsr 20 30 low sheave table  website
TSR20 Low Sheave Organiser
Sheave load = 1500kg
Total combined sheave load = 750kg x no. sheaves
30˚ Deflected rope load = 3000kg
60˚ Deflected rope load = 1250kg
Tsr 20 30 low fixed

When to use fixed sheaves?
Use fixed sheaves when deflections are low or non-existent and for increased stability and support for highly loaded lines

When to use Titanium?
Specify Titanium when weight saving is premium

When to use low sheave TSRL?
Use low sheave versions Where space is restricted such as in-deck tunnel systems and mast bases.

When to use larger diameter 30mm sheaves?
Use 30mm sheaves for diverting highly loaded lines, diverting large deflections and large diameter lines.

TSR Low Sheave Organisers

TSR20 Low Sheave Organiser, a
Forward Organiser for diverting high loaded lines

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