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NEW | Deckvest SOLAS, Load Sense & rescueMe AIS

Solas three quarter final Deckvest SOLAS

The Spinlock Deckvest is widely credited as being first lifejacket in the leisure sector developed as personal equipment and actually designed to be worn and improve the wearers enjoyment of their sport rather than just an emergency item.

Spinlock have now turned their attentions to the Commercial Marine Sector, introducing their first SOLAS approved lifejacket. Deckvest SOLAS 275N is a commercial marine version of Spinlock’s award-winning Deckvest lifejacket. Featuring many of the performance, comfort and fit benefits associated with the Deckvest, it now also features a twin chamber 275N SOLAS bladder, protected inside an enhanced rugged, but flexible cover and meets the latest 2010 SOLAS MSC200(80) standard.  An integral sprayhood and high intensity Pylon™ light can be also be added.

Designed for daily use by marine professionals in a wide range of fast changing conditions, the Deckvest SOLAS 275N provides fully specified personal flotation with all the benefits of Spinlock’s intensive lifejacket development and ocean testing. Commenting on the new Deckvest SOLAS 275N, Spinlock Deckware Manager Myles Uren comments: “Until now, SOLAS lifejackets have not been designed for continuous or comfortable wear. This means that despite marine professionals spending long hours in their lifejackets, their lifejackets are typically heavier, more cumbersome and unnecessarily tiring to wear. We have challenged this convention with the new Deckvest SOLAS, the design reduces the impact on the user so they can stay alert and safe while at work, it has also been specifically shaped to work effectively with a full body fall arrest harness.

The new Deckvest SOLAS 275N has been developed in response to increasing professional demand from across the whole spectrum of the commercial sector, with more and more sectors of industry now requiring their staff to wear lifejackets or have lifejackets available for their PPE regulations and assessments.


  • Approved to latest 2010 SOLAS Standard
  • Structured shape and body for ultimate comfort & agilit
  • 275N Buoyancy - Twin Chamber
  • Fits and co-ordinates with most fall arrest harness
  • Single belt adjustment
  • Unique bladder shape lifts & supports body when in wate
  • Automatic inflation – UML Mk 5
  • CRC coated cylinders (20g)
  • Attachment for Chest Pack
  • Attachment for Pylon™ Light
  • Attachment for optional sprayhood
  • 5 year Warranty and Through Life Support (TLS)

Commercial newsEdit ais unit newsletterDeckvest with integrated rescueME MOB1

New for 2015 – The first AIS MOB device designed to fit & integrate in the Deckvest range.

The new 'rescueME MOB1' personal AIS (Automatic Identification System) device is designed to be fitted to the complete Deckvest range and assist in Man Overboard recovery. For 2015 the 'rescueME MOB1' can be supplied integrated and installed ready to use in your Deckvest lifejacket.

  • Designed to be fully integrated into the lifejacket system
  • The most compact AIS Unit on the market – up to 30% smaller
  • Slim, lightweight & streamlined
  • AIS unit deploys automatically on lifejacket inflation
  • Integrated strobe light for maximum visibility
  • 7 year battery life
  • 24+ hour operational life
  • 5 year warranty
  • Supplied integrated and installed ready to use in the Deckvest range

Once activated your MOB1 will transmit an alert to all AIS receivers and AIS enabled plotters in the vicinity. The integrated GPS ensures precise location is sent to your vessel and any others that may be assisting. An additional feature of the MOB1 is its ability to activate the DSC alarm on your vessels VHF. Full details of rescueMe MOB1 available at www.oceansignal.com

Ais news5t and 10t together
Optimised Performance - Spinlock ‘Digital’ and ‘Wireless’ Sense

METS 2014 sees the launch of Spinlock’s new 'Sense' Range of mobile load cells. Ultra compact and designed to be quickly attached between any two loaded points, be it a fibre rope or hardware, the new 'Sense' range then displays the data on either a new colour OLED Screen or wirelessly over long distance, via the latest Bluetooth, to a mobile device such as a smart phone, tablet or PC.

Real-time actual Load for the selected line is displayed continuously under way, Peak Load displayed both during and after the session and is then stored in the all new Sense-App. Sense-App allows the user to record data about the session, such as name of application, geo location, conditions,  add an image and share/export the data for further analysis. Sense-App also allows settings to be placed on the device such as ‘ Load Alarms’, maximum and minimum, for load critical applications such as running back stays or even Super Yacht mooring lines.


  • LDS/10 Digital Sense with OLED display only, 10T maximum mobile load cell
  • LDS/5 Digital Sense with OLED display only, 5T maximum mobile load cell
  • LWS/10 Wireless Sense with Bluetooth connection only, 10T maximum mobile load cell (No Display)
  • LWS/5 Wireless Sense with Bluetooth connection only, 5T maximum mobile load cell (No Display)

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