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Replacement ceramic jaw set for ZS1618C Carbon Jammer

from €1.139 inkl. Tax


  • HC-Series Jaws are designed with a ‘Keronite’ ceramic finish which resists the polishing and wear of grip surfaces caused by the intense heat generated when a highly loaded rope accelerates through the jammer during driven hoists
  • The coated surface is much more durable than the hardest anodising and allows faster engagement onto highly loaded line and improved load holding performance with difficult ‘exotic’ line covers such as Aramid, Technora, Codura and Vectran
  • For lines 16mm - 18mm (5/8" - 11/16")
  • ZS-JAW16HC


ZS1618 Alloy and Carbon 'H' CERAMIC Series Digital Jaw Assembly (PTFE & Vesconite Sliders)

€1.139 inkl. Tax

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