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Hardware FAQs

Hardware FAQs

I have changed my halyard and now my clutches won't hold the new rope

The greater the line diameter, the greater the load holding. If you have reduced the rope diameter then you may need to consider either a rope core insert or sleeved cover to increase diameter in the clutching area. Your rigger will be able to arrange this. When rope is produced some lubricants are used in the manufacture, which can often effect rope holding performance. These lubricants can be washed out of the rope in the clutching area and once removed performance should improve. Check also the clutch or jammer is free of dirt and debris and parts not showing signs of wear.

Can you convert a single unit clutch to a double or triple unit?

It is not possible to convert clutches into different configurations

What lubrication should I use on my clutches?

Spinlock recommend using fresh water to remove dirt and debris from your rope holding products. Remove ropes and flush with as much water as possible. On XAS, XTS and XCS clutches a light grease can be used on the handle bearing to keep a smooth action. ZS Jammers as well as benefiting from plenty of water flushing also require a light grease on the upper and lower bearing surfaces. With all Spinlock rope holding products, routine maintenance will help give consistent rope holding.  

Why do you recommend Silicone sealant as opposed to polyurethane or polysulphide?

Pure silicone is recommended for mounting clutches and Jammers to seal fastener holes against water ingress. Polyurethane and polysulphide as well as being an adhesive can also damage plastic parts they come into contact with.

Will RP25 rope coating improve my rope holding performance?

RP25 rope coating helps improve the interaction of the rope cover and rope core, which will in turn offer better rope holding performance in clutches and jammers.

Can I use 6mm line in a PXR0810?

6mm line can be used in the PXR0810, but like in all rope holding products, best load holding performance is achieved the greater the diameter of the line.

Do newer model clutches use the same drill template as older models?

Most newer model spinlock clutches use the same drill template as older models that they are updating, but customers should always check by downloading the latest drill template from the website. 

What is the difference between a clutch and a jammer?

Clutches allow the line to be released by opening the handle and the handle can be opened under load. Spinlock recommend taking the load safely on a winch, even when using a clutch. With a jammer the load will always end to be taken safely on a winch before the jammer handles can be opened and rope released.