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Deckvests and PLB/AIS

EPIRB-PLB and AIS devices have decreased in size and price over recent years, making them increasingly popular within the commercial marine industry. On certain vessels AIS is mandatory. 

Spinlock Deckvest 5D lifejackets feature a mesh pocket on the outside cover which can be used to hold a EPIRB-PLB or AIS device. The 2014 model (available from late February 2014) of the Deckvest 5D features attachment points for the new Chest Pack, specifically designed for keeping essentials such as a EPIRB-PLB or AIS close to hand. As well as the Chest Pack, the new Essentials Pack range includes the Belt Pack and Side Pack, which can be attached to the belt of any Deckvest or other manufacturer's lifejackets.

A number of AIS devices are marketed as being able to integrate into a lifejacket, with some automatically activated by the lifejacket inflating.*   The Kannad R10 AIS device has been tested to integrate with a Deckvest lifejacket and Kannad have published a document on their own website detailing fitting of a Kannad R10 AIS device into a Deckvest lifejacket. This document can be downloaded from the link below.

*Please note that the integration of an EPIRB-PLB or AIS device with a Deckvest lifejacket is at the owner's liability. Spinlock accept no responsibility for the performance of any EPIRP-PLB or AIS fitted into a Deckvest lifejacket or for any damage caused to the Deckvest lifejacket as a result of having fitted an EPIRB-PLB or AIS unit to a Deckvest. 

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