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  • For diverting lines aft of a clutch or jammer to an alternative winch
  • Useful for leading a line from a clutch on one side to an alternative winch
  • Very low 25mm (1") profile keeps winchfeeders safely out of traffic  

Sheave Diameter / Type

TWF/50M - 50mm (2") Alloy
TWF/63M - 63mm (2 1/2") Alloy

SWL per sheave

TWF/50M - 800kg (1760lbs)
TWF/63M - 1000kg (2200lbs)

Maximum Line Diameter

TWF/50M - 12mm (1/2")
TWF/63M - 12mm (1/2")


TWF/50M - 200g (7.0oz)
TWF/63M - 300g (11.4oz)


TWF/50M - 1 x M8 (5/16") supplied
TWF/63M - 1 x M10 (3/8") supplied

TWF Winchfeeder

Fit a winchfeeder aft of a clutch to divert lines to an alternative winch